Top 10 Best Internet Browsers Of 2012

Are you wandering for top  browsers ? So today i will show you top browsers of 2012.In this technological  world or we can say that it is the Era of advance technology their are so many tremendous and mind blowing Browsers are available and each and every browsers have their own capability like different design layouts and  their performance which makes our work so simple and good.

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What Is Browsers?

Browsers are basically a software or software application.Browser initially use to intend world wide web and it helps to retrieving information from web server and other network resources.

It is used to display information on world wide web and also display video,images and so many other files.Today’s browsers have very good functionality and they can display JavaScript,AJAX and hyper text markup pages(HTML) and other contents on web servers.There are so many kind of browsers are available for games,mobiles and for web applications which are fully functional and tremendous .

Many browsers support multimedia like sound and video.This type of browsers offer plug-ins that extends the capability of  browsers.

Top Browsers Of 2012

So now I’m going to show a you List of  Top browsers of 2012 which definitely help you and you may  also gonna be Rock!Here is the list of Top ten browsers:

10. Rocketmelt Browser

Rocketmelt is on No. 10 in the list of top browsers of 2012.It was released in recent days it has so many feature such as alert from you own or from your favorite website and you can run web application directly on Rocketmelt .It was made for social media like Twitter,Facebook etc.It support chrome extensions and  have another feature such as bookmark synchronization .It also supports addons and has much better search results.

Top Broswers

9.Avant Browser

Avant is on number  in the list of top  browsers 2012.Avant is very reliable and it has real user friendly interface.It is light and have high speed .It is approximately similar as Internet Explorer but with one difference that it has Zoom options .

Top Broswers


SeaMonkey basically a Mozilla’s outdated product and it is same as Mozilla’s firefox .It has features like IRC chat ,newsgroup client and HTML editors .It has nothing to explain so much and stand on number 8 in the top browsers 2o12

Seamonkey browser



Basically it is a china based browser and it is new for desktop browsers 2012.It is less fast than other but very secure.It has so many feature and it is very cutomizable and have drag and drop features which makes it good and also support extensions .

Maxthon Browser

 6.Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet is fully functional browser.Although it is on no 6. but this is the world’s no. one browser that support RSS news reader and it has also P2P file sharing capability.Security is its major concern.Its functionality and ease of use makes it very unique from others.

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 5. Apple Safari

Safari is one of the Apple’s contribution and mostly used in iPhone with MAC operating system.It has good enough page loading speed and it is compatible with window vista ,XP and also with window 7 and window 8 also.It has good features such as support HTML,Enhanced keyboard navigation etc.



Opera is the good browser  for mobiles and tabs as well as  for your PCs.It allows so many features such as page synchronization,Turbo speed browsing on slow speed .It comes with awesome design for customization and Opera unite makes ease of share video,audio and so many files from your computers.

Opera browser


3.Internet Explorer 

The one of the most popular and simplest browser of MicroSoft is Internet Explorer which is very simple and its design is very familiar to every one.This stands on no. 3 in the world’s top browsers 2012.It is easy to use and secure.This one is All time favourite to every one.Its accelerator provides quick browsing ,quick access of maps.It has good address bar  and good privacy protection but yes it is a bit slow relatively to others.


2.Mozilla Firefox

This is also secure browser and one of my favorite.Its feature named addons makes it different from other browsers .Firefox is built on Gecko platform which is really very powerful platform that has been ever made.It is also very secure and easier to use and it raise bar for security reasons that protects from trojans,viruses.This is the second leading and most loving browser in the world

Top  Browsers


1.Google Chrome

And here it comes the father of all browsers.Chrome is the world’s to leading browser.It is on  the No.1 spot in the world’s top browsers 2012.Chrome is mine favourite browser because of its good work efficiency, its best performance and also for its good design.It combines minimal design along with sophisticated technology which makes the web secure,faster and also easy and simple.This is really become so popular and it is owned by Google itself.In Google store so many extensions are easily available for Chrome which makes all tasks simple at the time of browsing.

Top  Browsers

So friends these are the best Top browsers in the world according to me and my research.If you think that i missed up any important browser then ping me here.I will reply your question or suggestion soon

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