Top 10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugin

Top Best Social Media Plugin

WordPress Social Media Plugin is easy and most reliable way to get traffic and give popularity to a blog.No excuse that social media is the best way for reputation and get social environment for a blog.But social media is much necessary for new bloggers for their blog’s popularity.Social media is the new trend in bloggers and every blogger using social sites to promote their blogs.Now the question arising that what is the Best WordPress Social Plugin for promoting blog ?

Social sites can’t be denied for bloggers because it is the most powerful way for marketing.These plugins can be used for increasing your blog’s visibility.Here i’m going to show you top 10 best wordpress social media plugin for promoting blog and your business

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Social Widget for WordPress Plugin means to extend the functionality of WordPress blog.Every blogger wants best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for search engine traffic.

List Of Top 10 Social Media Plugins

 1.Sociable. Sociable is great social media plugin for enhancing the blog’s popularity.It is the very popular plugin because of user’s friendly and it automatically ads links to all social bookmarking sites on all of  the posts.A user can share,vote and submit your’s blog post on its favourite  social site.

2.Sharebar.Sharebar plugin is the vertically sidebar floating plugin and auto adjustable too.It appers on the left side of the blog post and has share option of many popular social sites.You can also customize it according to you and can add any social site or adjust it size,colour,Font size and many more 

3.GetSocial. GetSocial adds an intelligent, lightweight, quick to set up floating social media bar to your blog posts.Get social is yet another social media plugin but similar look like Sharebar plugin.This plugin is compatible with all leading browsers and also appears on the screen even the user scroll down the page.

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4.Sexybookmarks.Oh this is my one of the favourite social media plugin and very usable and attractive social plugin for to attract the readers for sharing the blog post.The plugin can be added on the blog post or below the post and adds an attractive social bookmarking menu and related content widget to your posts, pages and index

5.Share-this.Share this plugin is just like sociable which allow the reader to share the post with single click in any social site.The big green button which looks pretty and auto adjusting when crawling up and down.Also a user can customize its button according to their site’s background colour.This plugin also track social reports which makes it different from other social media plugin.

6.Add-to-any.As its name “Add-to-Any” itself describe its speciality.This plugin create a bookmarking button which allow user to share,email and bookmark the content or blog post using service like Facebook.Twitter and other popular social sites.This is the simple and convenient social media plugin for bloggers.

7.Digg Digg.Digg Digg is all in one social pack and a user can customize it according to their needs.Its very light weight and fast loading plugin.It is easy to configure and has other great features 

8.Share And Follow.Share and follow plugin allow reader to share the content and follow the blog too.This is the one of the older social media plugin.There is not much to say.Just download or activate it on your wordpress site and check yourself 

9.Socialgrid.Socialgrid is simple and easy social media plugin and easy to add different profile to the internet and requires WP 2.8 or higher.It support many popular social sites and easy to configure

10.Smart Social WordPress plugin.Smart social wordpress plugin is the great and effective social media plugins to share the content page to various social sites or bookmarking networks.But this is a paid social plugin with cost of $6 which is not much for blogging.It has also hover effect which is very attractive for readers.

Final Words To Say

So these are the my top 10 Social Media Widget for making your blog readers loving and sharing too.Which one is you like most and which of these you using now ? Tell me if you have any important social media plugin which i missed in this post ?


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