Subway Surfers for PC (Windows) Free Download

I know you must have played Subway Surfers game till now, today I am going to post about Subway Surfers for PC or Computer to Free Download. Basic introduction on this application is required as this is new for some of our Readers. If you are fond of Games and that too like Bad Piggies, Temple Run, etc then you will surly going to like this game.

Subway Surfers is a game started with Android and iOS operating system but if you want to play this on your PC than you at the right place.

Subway Surfers for PC or Computer is basically a game of boy trying to run from a railway traffic police officer because he has broken some of rules and that to on railway tracks. So, its obvious that some of trains will be running on that tracks so here is the excitement. You have to save your plays from this trains also as you are saving your player from the rocks in Temple Run.


If you will perform well in this game then you will get extra points with the help of which you can buy some more characters for your entertainment. I know introduction is long and boring but will help you in playing Kiloo’s Subway Surfers PC Version.

I am ending here the introduction and taking you further to steps which will help to have Subway Surfers Game into your Windows PC.

Subway Surfers for PC or Computer Download Link

As you know that this game is not made for Computer, you need to download a software namely Intel AppUp that will support this game on your computer and help you to Run Subway Surfers  on your PC. Don’t worry that you will require many more software or all such thingsabout this software.

I followed same way to run this game on my PC so don’t worry about that. You can play many more game with this software on your PC like  Temple Run, Bad Piggies,  etc. Please follow the steps given!

  1. Firstly Download and Install Intel AppUp (this is the basic requirement to play Subway Surfers on your Windows Computer)
  2. check availability of your internet which is necessary for first time
  3. Click on and open your software
  4. Select Subway Surfers from the list you are seeing on desktop
  5. Check out description if you feel so or follow next step
  6. click on download and start it which will take few seconds if you good Downloading speed
  7. You will be having new list of installed games so select as per your wants
  8. Enjoy Subway Surfers for PC now! And don’t forget to share your experience with us!
Subway Surfers for PC Free Download

How to Play Subway Surfers on PC (Windows OS):

As mentioned earlier that this application is not for computer you need to set some settings in your computer as given below and don’t worry it will not change any of your setting. Its just take few clicks of your mouse so just few seconds for this setting.


  1. Automatically configure will ask you to set screen resolution so set it to 1024 X 768
  2. Set graphic quality to ‘Fantastic’
  3. Click on Start to play Subway Surfers in PC or Computer

As this software is not available for MAC, those guys can’t take benefit of Intel AppUp.  Others having  Windows 7/XP as well as Win 8 can enjoy PC version of Subway Surfers by following all steps given in this article.

I hope Subway Surfers for PC (Windows) will impress you same way as Temple Run, Bad Piggies have been. Enjoy this game and write your reviews to me so that I can update my article according for your other friends.

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