Six Of The Latest SEO Trends

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get higher page rankings. It helps in increasing the visibility of a web page, thereby increasing the page traffic, which ultimately leads to higher business profitability. Here are some of the latest strategies for optimizing a web page.  All of them are consistent, robust and unique; and collectively help in making the optimization process successful.

seo-trend-2013Content Optimization: Good quality content plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Keyword enriched content refers to the density of a particular keyword in the given content, which helps in achieving a good page rank. Original and unique content engages users, and can result in a webpage ranking among the top 10 results on Google. The latest trend in content writing is ‘Infographic search’, which is a combination of content and graph that is easy to understand. Infographic search is known to significantly impact the optimization process.

  • Mobile Search: The use of smartphones has brought this SEO trend into existence. As the name implies, mobile search refers to searches conducted on mobile platforms, and is the practice of optimizing a website that supports phones and tablets. It also involves using various tools to offer a full range of features for mobile applications.
  • Voice and Video Search: These are two of the latest methods for effective search engine optimization. Voice search follows the same pattern as text search. One just needs to speak his/her query to the mobile device and the search results are displayed in a fraction of seconds. Video search is an SEO technique which involves tagging your video content, so that it is displayed whenever a viewer makes a relevant search. Voice and video searches are simple and user-friendly, which is why they are highly popular these days.
  • Social media optimization: Social media optimization is an SEO trend, which has been in use over several years. Some of the top social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. These websites may sometimes help in optimizing a web page. They also have tools that can make searches efficient, effective and less time-consuming. Any search that can take several minutes on any of the major search engines can be carried out in a fraction of seconds, on these sites. On some social networking sites like Facebook, a search is directly redirected to the relevant page. Facebook has named this new tool ‘graph search’. For example, if a user is searching for a particular restaurant in New York, a regular search engine will show them a list of the top ten websites. They may need to visit each link before they select the right one. In ‘graph search’, Facebook will directly take the user to the restaurant’s webpage, making their search specific and easy. This can be a good marketing strategy.
  • Link Building: Getting links for your website is the main and ultimate goal of SEO. There are various ways to get links for your pages, such as blogging, forums and so on. Link building also helps in increasing page ranking.
  • Author Ranking: Author ranking has recently been introduced by Google, and is a method for gaining authority for your blog. It requires you to connect your blog with your Google + account, to get your image displayed along with your blog posts, in search engine results.

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