Seo Optimization Tips For New Bloggers 2013

Seo Optimization Tips For Newbies !!

So friends today i’m going to show you Seo Optimization Tips.Seo is very necessary part of blogging and every blogger should do Seo for better ranking and high page rank.There are many of Seo techniques on the internet and many of the people follows them but this article is specially for those which are new in blogging world.New bloggers have not much enough knowledge about Seo and they did wrong Seo or choose wrong Seo tool which their site’s reputation and all their hard work go waste.Here i will tell you some basic Seo optimization tips for beginners so they can do better Seo than before 🙂

What Is Seo ?

Seo Optimization TipsWhat is Seo ? Hmm nice question,Seo stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which means optimize the blog for better search engine ranking which is the most wanted requirement for bloggers.Good Seo leads you on the top of the search engine but bad Seo falls you down and very down.There is many types of Seo a blogger can do but wrong Seo harm your blog badly.

But many of newbies follow wrong seo optimization tips which is not good for their sites.As all knows that Google updates its Algorithm after 2 or 3 months and scan all sites which is in their index.So if your site is fully optimize than you many get High Page Rank but if Google finds any anti Seo material in your site than your site will never spare from Google’s hammer.So always do good and better Seo.Here i will show the important and must do Seo tips for good ranking

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Seo Optimization Tips For New Bloggers

Write Quality Post 

Seo Optimization Tips

This is the most important seo optimization tips for new bloggers.Keep in mind that quantity doesn’t matter but quality always matter.Don’t just write ! always write high quality and unique post if you want that Google will index your page high in search engine.And never copy and paste article,this is the biggest and common mistake done by new bloggers.

If you did than remove your copied article fast because if Google Panda hit your site,you will loose your ranking as well as traffic from Google,I’m never said that not copy others.You can copy but just their ideas but write your own self which is called Blogging.

Submit Site Map 

Do you have a site but not yet submit your site map in search engines ? If not than your site is just like a shop with material but not a buyer or you can say your shop’s door is close for your customers.Make and submit your site map to get index in search engines and get traffic from them.This is the truth that you can’t get good traffic or clients without the help of search engines.

They are the must necessary thing for blogging.So submit your site map to search engines.If you using wordpress than use plugin name “Google XML Sitemap” and let the plugin do its work.But if you are using blogger,Tumblr,Jumla and other blogging platform than there are many online sitemap generating tools for generating sitemap for your blog easily

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Use Tittle And Meta Tags

Seo Optimization Tips

This is the most valuable and must do part in basic seo optimization tips.Your blog is nothing without the “Tittle” and “Meta Tags” they are the backbone of the blog and if you not optimizing this category you will not get page rank and traffic.After making your blog or site concentrate on using tittle and meta tags.Always using the keywords which is same as your niche and the keywords has good demand over internet.

Take your time,concentrate on it and make the tittle as deadly or attracting but Seo friendly also.How ?A keyword should contain in your blog’s tittle so can your blog’s visibility goes higher.

Use Webmaster Tool

Seo Optimization Tips

This is the most usable and popular tool among blogger.Webmaster is the service given from Google to find error and other mistakes in your blog.You also can submit your site map here in webmaster tool.Here you can see the index pages of your site in Google,and know about single keywords which generating traffic to your site.

There are many option such like Site health from which you can see your site’s health,crawl errors,index pages,fetch pages,site’s configuration,internal links etc.It also alerts if  sitemap removes from blog by mistake.Every blogger must use this tool for optimize Seo or their blog for better search engine ranking

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Create More Backlinks

As i mention in my previous blog post that backlinks are like a vote for a site.More votes=more visibility in search engines.So trying to make high genuine backlinks.Backlinks can be generating by commenting on other blogs,guest posting,through social bookmarking sites.I know most of the bloggers know about this tip but one thing which is the most important that always link the blog with same niche of your site and never links with other niche which doesn’t suits your site.

Here is the example.Suppose you have a photography site but you comment on tech related sites or songs related sites which is the wrong Seo.This will not help you to get a valuable backlink.So always comment on your niche type blogs

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Follow Social Network 

basic seo optimization tips

At last but not the least is “Follow Social Networking Sites”.Social sites is the only way to get traffic for new blog or site and best seo optimization tips too.This is the best way to get trafic for your site.There are many of social sites where millions of people wandering,

Use them an get new visitors.Always use Eye catching tittle to attract more people.Use more and more social sites for traffic.This is my basic seo optimization tips to getting traffic for my blog.Here i list some important social sites through you can earn good traffic

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • Tumblr
  • Yahoo
  • Bloggers

Here is my 6 basic seo optimization tips for new bloggers or beginners.Follow these steps and i bet you will get good traffic and page rank too for your blog.But mistakely If i missed any important part than ping me here with your seo optimization tips

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    Boy have you got a lot to learn. First and foremost meta tags are no longer used by Google. Google is now putting more value on your website and blog when other people are mentioning them in social media so you had better have those share buttons ready to use. Back links are no longer needed for a successful blog but again social media is. Get a Google account and list your website or blog with them. Update your information in your Google webmaster tools often. Once you do that your new blog entries will be visited by Google within 5 minutes and indexed in their searches in 15 minutes, mine are. Lastly you need to fix your grammar errors on the posts you write.

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