How To Install/Run Window And Linux Os In Same Pc

Install Windows and Linux Os In Same Pc

Do you ever think to Install Windows and Linux Os In Same Pc.Well technology make it possible,Now you can run several Operating system in same Pc or without rebooting.Using many Os in same pc gives you chance to test different software,apps in different Os.Its our thirst about technology that encourage it to find great and something different Ideas for us and trying to turn ideas into reality.Well today we going to learn how we can run all windows Linux Os on same Pc.Its very simple.

Install Windows and Linux Os In Same Pc
How to install windows,linux in same pc

Install Windows/Linux Os Using Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine is best way if you want to run other Os without hurting your present one.It is the best way to use different system.Virtual Machine is fast and easy to use.You just have to download VMware from its official site and install it in your computer.The Vmware is specially designed to act as an operating system which installed in present or current Operating System.It also comes with a feature that you can run any Os using this software without rebooting the computer

Install Windows and Linux Os Using USB/DVD

The best way to install other Os is to with USB or DVD.This is the easy way to install the other Os in your system.You just have to download a bootable Os image and then burn it using Nero and any other software or make a bootable USB which boot the system and can install the new Os in your system.The best part is that you have no need to delete your first Os.You can keep both Os in your system which cause no harm to your system.Just one thing that your HD drive must be larger in size or nothing else

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