PARAM Yuva II India’s Super Fast Computer Unveils

Param Yuva II-C-DAC is Center for development of advanced computing which design and assemble Supercomputers and the latest series of supercomputer is PARAM Yuva . The PARAM series is as PARAM 8000, PARAM 8600, PARAM 9900/SS, PARAM 10000, PARAM Padma, PARAM yuva, PARAM YUVA II.

PARAM YUVA II developed by the secretary named J Satyanarayana of  department of Electronics and Information Technology  and launching by C-DAC (Center for development of advanced computing) in Pune on Friday.The supercomputer PARAM yuva II unveiled in the presence of Director General and Executive Director  of C-DAC.

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PARAM YuvaThe supercomputer PARAM yuva II is ten times faster than today’s technology it is  developed within the investment of rupees sixteen crores(16 crore RS) and (US $ 3 millions).It has five hundred tera flops  (5oo tera flops) in computing capability.The things like weather forecasting , scientific data processing , fast tapping of teh natural resources in sea will now possible and easy with the use of PARAM yuva II.It has been more upgraded with storage capacity of two hundred tera bytes (200 TB).

The PARAM yuva II will provides research in space and also provide Bioinformatics.The difficult and complex problems can be easily solved and it will take less time for developing research base apps .In the terms of weather predictions and analysis it would also reduce time . If  satellite collect data and information to analyze the situations for five kilometer area(5 km), than supercomputer could cover huge area than satellite is about up to ten kilometer (10 km) . This super computer PARAM yuva II will solve complex problems in a simple way and save time and  it also save energy because  it consume 35% less energy than present supercomputers.

The C-DAC Director General named Rajat Moona said that it could be upgraded to half the peta flops means 524 tera flops and we gain it within three months. J Satyanarayna said that for taking India far forward it is important to developed research area and PARAM yuva II can do this . He said that the more and main users of this facility would be in the area of scientific laboratories and research institutes.He also said that seismic analysis of data and weather forecasting  will be going easy due to PARAM yuva II .It is the best facility for the areas such as aeronautical engineering , bioinformatics , pharmaceutical it could do better in this industries and reduce time and also save energy.

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In the educational institutes it can be linked by national knowledge  network.It is the first India’s supercomputer who achieve 500 tera flops .It is the worlds best facility that we have achieved and it would make  all stuff easy and smoother than the present facility and no doubt that it will take INDIA forward in the race of Research and Technology.

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