What’s New In Windows 8 ?

Windows 8 is the latest operating system produced by Microsoft, the best software company available to us. Its development had started even before the shipment of windows 7. During this time, Microsoft had announced that windows 8 will support other processors from the like of AMD, ARM and VIA.

There are some drastic changes in windows 8 in terms of the looks. It’s the first time from the release of Windows 95 that Microsoft had removed the world famous start button from its interface. Rather, Microsoft had targeted widows 8 to not only support the desktop and laptops, but also tablet computers and smartphones. Due to this, the looks of windows 8 are more like that of an Operating System made for smartphone than a classic desktop OS.

It is made to support laptops, desktops, tablet PC and home theatre PC. The interface of windows 8 is called Metro interface, and it was first implemented in the windows 7 phone. It is a tiled interface with applications icon stored in separate tiles. Windows 8 is optimized for touch interface. It means users can simply touch required applications icon in order to access that application. If a user does not have touch interface, still it can use traditional mouse click and keyboard press in order to access an application.

Even though the interface is new, the compatibility of applications that were meant for previous versions of windows in maintained in windows 8. It means that a user will be able to use applications that were made for previous versions of windows.  Along with this backward compatibility, Microsoft has made sure that users existing system which is able to run windows 7 will be completely able to run windows 8 without any need of additional hardware or software driver.

One of the common issues with operating systems is the boot time. Generally it takes some time for a machine to load the installed operating system in the memory before it could be ready to be used. This is because all the processes and services need to be stopped. Windows 8 has reduced the boot time as it doesn’t close all the services, but hibernates some of the most important services upon system shutdown. So next time, when a user starts its system, then the system just wake up these services and loads just some other necessary services; thereby reducing the overall boot time.

Windows 8 is made for modern gadgets, including smartphones and tablets. It may prove the beginning of a new era.

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