New Facebook Smileys/Emotion Codes For Facebook 2013

While chating on Facebook many of us using smileys to express our feelings to others.In fact 80% users use smileys for express their feelings.Facebook Smileys are the best way to show your mood or interest without talking or writing.But we can express our feelings,moods by using smileys.There are many of Facebook smileys codes and even tools to use emotions.But most of the smileys are old and common for everyone and everyone wants to use new Facebook smileys for their chat.Here i’m going to show you latest Facebook smileys for 2013

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I know most of the readers use smileys for their chat.But it is hard to remember all Facebook smileys codes,And many of us Facebook smileys tools but they are nothing more than irritations because most of the tools are free and full of ads.I personally use tool bar for smileys emotions but they irritate me so much because of showing ads in their tool bar and also decrease browsers speed which is really embarrassing

So what is the solution.Smileys are the solution for it.You can save emotions from here or save this article’s post in your computer and can use anytime you want.Here i collect some new Facebook smileys for 2013,I think which let you enjoy more than before.You can also use chrome or Firefox extensions for new Facebook smileys.I will give full description below in the post

How To Use Facebook Smileys In Facebook ?

1.Copy the below code including [[ ]]

2.Now paste in your Facebook Chat box

New Awesome Smiley Codes List for Facebook 2013

[[242413929203272]]-Glowing Eyes




[[247547405351620]]-Question Mark


[[307278196031407]]-Stun Face

Others Smileys Code For Facebook


















































New Facebook Smileys Using Chrome

You can use smileys using chrome’s extensions for smileys code.That’s so easy to install.You just have to download Facemoods for smileys and install it in your browser.Whenever you want to use smileys click on chrome extension and add smileys in your Facebook chat

New Facebook Smileys Using Firefox

Similarly like Chrome,you can also use Firefox for smileys.Just install extension name¬†Facebook Chat Tapuz.Enjoy the smileys using these two browser’s extension

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