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(Review) Motorola PC Suite

Motorola has been the most profitable brand in manufacturing mobile phones since decades. These days Motorola is looking only at android smartphones but still its old mobile phones are in the market and so their users. Today, you can Free Download Motorola PC Suite for your Windows 7, XP as well as Windows 8.

The earlier mobile phones of Motorola were all having some unique features that attracted customers towards it but since last two years it’s all about smartphones everywhere.

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Many times mobile phone users need to synchronize the content stored on their device with their PC system. Although Motorola offered the PC synchronization tool with every box but those who lost it can still download the tool and use it.

Motorola PC Suite

Motorola PC Suite Free Download


It works fine with Windows operating system. Windows XP, Vista and Seven users can install the tool and then it will be very easy to connect the device with the PC and share the content between.

Avanquest had developed this software and it is available for free to be download and use for any mobile phone user. You can also call it Motorola PC Suite which you want to download free but officially it is known as Motorola Phone tool.


The software is available for free download but it’s not free to use. They offer shareware license with this but the software was provided for free within the box of the device.

What You Can Do with Motorola PC Suite?

Motorola PC Suite when installed on your windows system will let you synchronize the content stored on your mobile phone and on your windows system. The user interface is very simple and within seconds you will start playing with this.


  • You can easily create a backup of all the videos, music, pictures and other files stored on your mobile phone using this tool and then store it on any of hard drive partition on your PC.
  • You can create backup of contacts stored on your mobile phone. It also offers feature that allows users to send messages (SMS and MMS) to their contact while the device is connected with the Computer.
  • The transfer (of files and folders) time is also very less. If you do the transfer without this software then it will take longer time.
  • You can organize the files and folders stored on your mobile phone easily.
  • It also supports Bluetooth connectivity that means you don’t need to fix your device via USB cable.
  • The best feature is that you can access to internet using your mobile phone. The PC suite changes the connection to Modem connection and then your mobile phone becomes modem using which internet connection is set up. Don’t forget to activate GPRS plan on your device before using this feature.

So these are the things that you can do using the Motorola PC suite, you can call them features as well.

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Don’t need to worry about any viruses or malware infection files with this tool as it is completely verified. The rating which Motorola PC suite software received till now is 4.5 out of 5. So friends, please do comment if you have any issues with this software.

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