Jolla Sailfish- Tough Competition to iOS and Android

Evolution is an inevitable occurrence. What is old will either have to metamorphose into something new or it will fade away and die and a new, improved species will take its place. Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. It is no different in the world of technology. There will be a time when a challenger will enter the scene and the iOS and the Androids will have to put up a fight and prove their mettle. That time has come – a challenger has donned his application gloves and made an entry into the Mobile OS arena. And only time will tell whether he can give the modern-day heavyweight Mohammad Ali’s and the Mike Tyson’s of the Mobile world a run for their operating systems or will he simply beat a hasty retreat.


For all those who are reading this and think that they have reached a Latin website, hold on. Let’s hold a magnifying glass to what this talk is all about. If you have a phone, you have heard of terms such as Android and iOS. They are nothing but two different operating systems that run on different, modern-day smartphones. They decide what applications you can use, and on which phones you can use them.


Take a handful of dynamic, ex- Nokia MeeGo and MaeMo employees, add a dash of invention and ingenuity, a hint of creativity, and lo and behold; you have a new addition to the dark and deep mobile-market waters- the Sailfish. It is an operating system for smartphones, developed by the Finnish Mobile giant Jolla.  So, how is this new entrant different from its considerably older counterparts that have dominated the mobile OS market for close to a decade? The iOS and Android operating systems were highly restrictive in that they could be used only on certain handsets. On the contrary, Sailfish is a product that is more open-source in the way that it is built.


Code contribution, open usage, open modification and mobile manufacturers will have no restrictions in terms of inclusions and exclusion of various device set-ups. Android development is a highly secretive affair and Jolla plans to hit on that exact weak-point by making the development of Sailfish more transparent and open. Several software and hardware companies are a part of what is called the- Sailfish Alliance and it is possible for them to be instrumental in developing Sailfish to suit a wider market.


Multi-tasking is another Sailfish USP. The home-screen displays miniature application representations and it is not necessary to open them to enable interaction. One-hand input is another plus. Community participation and involvement were the key factors that Jolla worked on while inventing Sailfish.


This new OS is all geared-up to compete with the android and iOS and has been made more accessible to one and all. A lot of thought and well-founded research has gone into the making of the only alternative to the existing operating systems. Jolla chooses to be unique; Jolla chooses not to be a part of the rat-race. It chooses to blaze a different trail. And so, in the battle of the giants, the Sailfish might just be the biggest catch of 2013.

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