How to Increase or Improve Alexa Rank Fast?

Do you want to Increase Alexa Rank,Many of people as me to how to increase Alexa Rank,increase alexa traffic rank and how to increase alexa page rank.So first let me tell you what is Alexa ? Alexa is a California-based subsidiary company of which provides commercial web traffic data.It give rank to website according to their publish reports and traffic status. Alexa collects data from all over the internet through its Alexa Toolbar .

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Alexa always focus on your site as how visitor spent time on your site, page view per visitor, bounce rate and also find keywords etc.So having good Alexa rank is very important and if you’ve your own blog then you must spent sleepless days & nights to increase Alexa rank.

There are so many bloggers who always having complaints that they getting good traffic but not having good Alexa ranking.So this is the perfect place to increase alexa rank for your blog

increase alexa rank

How To Increase Alexa Rank quickly

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1.) Quality Contents:

Always trying to stick with your Niche and if you’ve good quality of contents then there is no doubt that most visitor spent more time on your site or blog and through more page viewers you can increase your Alexa rank easily,Basically Alexa gives you rank on the behalf of your page views.So provide your users quality content and do more and more internal linking of your old post in your latest post.This way you can surely increase increase page views of your site this is the most simplest way of increase g Alexa rank

2.) Install Alexa Toolbar:

I mentioned above that Alexa accumulates only that traffic that originates from browser that having Alexa toolbar installed.So install Alexa toolbar and always updates your site through this browser.This will definitely help you to increase your Alexa rank.

3.) Claim Your Site on Alexa:

To increase Alexa rank of your website you must claim your site on This’ll help other to know that who is the owner of will surely help to increase Your Alexa raking,For claiming your site just make a account and upload a html file of Alexa and wait for some time,a So submit your site on Alexa to increase alexa rank fast

4.) Install Alexa Widget On Your Site:

As I already said that create an account and put a alexa widget on your site,Alexa counts only those hits that comes through its system So put Alexa widget on your site.This’ll definitely help to increase Alexa rank

5.) Build Backlinks & Commenting:

Alexa counts your links always trying to built more links.Comments on others blog which are under the niche blogging.The good way of link building is Guest posting.The more backlinks you get ,then surely good Alexa rank you’ll gain for your blog or site.

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6.) Constantly Update Your Blog:

If you’re a new blogger then you must regularly update you blog to increase Alexa rank.At least write 7-8 articles per week to get high Alexa ranking.The consistency in you post surely help to increase Alexa rank.

7.) Write A Review About On Your Site/Blog:

You should write article about Alexa ranking on your site and link back to Alexa.But if have a good blog atmosphere then request  your friends or bloggers to write a positive review about your site on Alexa and do same for them.I will glad if you write a positive review about my blog on Alexa;)   This trick will  definitely help to increase Alexa rank

8.) On Social Networking Site Share Your Posts:

You can share your articles on social networking sites such as Facebook,Digg and Stumble upon etc.This tip also help to increase Alexa ranking easily.

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9.)Promote Your Website:

Submit your articles to webmaster forum,social bookmarking sites and also Directory submission site and share your articles on social networking sites will help to increase Alexa rank easily.

So,I just hope that this article will help you to increase Alexa rank .If i missed anything then let me inform and share your reviews with me but if anyone thoughts that Alexa rank is not so much important than they are missing a very important thing.

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  • March 9, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    I have been keeping my eye on Alexa and have been doing most of your list especially blog promotion. I had no idea they had a widget…apparently they have a widget for everything 🙂 I also like your suggestion about writing a review of Alexa. Reviews seem to really be a great way to get some great traffic. Thanks for the awesome tips, especially about the widget.

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    Thank you for sharing great tips for alexa ranking increase tips. It will be helpful to increase my rank.

  • March 8, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    Hi Sunil, Great Tips bro. I also want to add one more tip to the above list. Exchanging reviews about your blog on Alexa will also improve your Alexa rank. Thanks for Sharing!!

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