How To Improve Page Load Time Or Site Speed

Tips To Improve Page Load Time

Hi Guys,Do you want to know how to speed up page load time or site speed of your website.Website page load speed is very important thing it decides your experience and your work efficiency.A website that designed well but have not fast page load time really disappoint others.If your website has slow speed then for sure your readers will not want to read from your site and they immediately skip that article and jump to another site.Google also hates this types of sites which has bad page load time or slow website load tim

increase page load time

Before to learn that how to decrease page load time Firstly you’ve to understand What is website Loading Time? 

What is Page Load Time ?

A page load time is that time it takes for web page to fully loaded.A long page load time may be cause visitors to not comfortable with your site and compel visitor to skip the page and jump to another site.The  page loading time of your website is related to demand that is made on server to load the websites.Another fact that is also very important in page loading time is the size of images and files of particular website because large images or files slow down loading speed definitely.

 Now I’m going to show you some important steps that will definitely help you to speed up your website loading time:

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  • Compress Images:

First thing is always use compress images before going to publish the post.You can compress images that has large size.Big size images took more time to load that’s why page load time is also took long time to load.For this you can use many of image compressor tools and also there are many online image compressor sites to compress images.My favourite online image compressor site is you have resized images it will surely help to speed up page load time of you website.

Coming SOON– New article on best image compressor tools coming Soon

  • Remove Unnecessary Multimedia:

If you want to improve page loading time then you must have to remove unwanted and unnecessary multimedia such as audio,video and images  that is large in size.You should have to consider about it if you really wants to improve page loading time.

  • Put Script at Bottom and Style sheet at top:

The another thing that you can do is that you can put style sheets at the top and script at the bottom.This will surely help the browser to display contents that it loads  as early as possible in good format and loading scrips at beginning hinder parallel loading of image by browser therefore it is good to place script at the footer section.

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  • Minify CSS and JavaScript:

You can minify java script and CSS code .Minifier is the good example for improve loading speed.You can remove whitespace and HTML  comments and also remove empty elements.There are so many online tools are available that will help you to compress and optimize your code.If you are using wordpress then Auto-optimize can compress and optimize your code.Another tool like Will Peavy Minifire  will also help to compress code and improve loading speed of website.

  • Utilize Browser Caching:

Utilize browser caching because browser caching stores cached version statistical resources.This surely speed up loading and reduces Lag of server.This is also a good way to improve page loading speed,so trying to utilize browser caching.

  • Reduce HTTP Requests:

This is the another way to speed up your website for this you can reduce numerous files and other HTTP requests that needs to be loaded.This will also help you to improve Page loading speed .

  • Combine JavaScript and CSS files in One File:

You  can combine different style sheets into single file it’ll definitely reduces unwanted  HTTP requests.You can also combine different files of java script into one file.A single file loaded quickly.This will drastically increase page loading speed.

  • Use CSS Sprites:

When you using CSS sprite it reduces HTTP requests page needs to be loaded.  A CSS sprites is a collection of different images into one file.This is the best way to reduce numerous HTTP request page that need to be loaded and improve page loading speed drastically.Background images makes site looking good but also slow down their speed and every background image have HTTP request that reduce loading speed,So use CSS sprites and combine different images into one file and improve speed.CSS sprite is a collection of different small images into single file.

  • Remove Large Size Contents:

You must have to remove large size images,files and other contents or use can compress them,because of  large-sized contents web page speed get slow down and visitors don’t like websites that have slow speed and they will skip that page and surely jump to another.

  •  Consider CDN:

CDN is content delivery network.It is the collection of web server  that distributed across multiple locations  to deliver contents to user in very efficient manners.It consider statistical resources from your website and it reduce server lag and its most notable user named

  • Reduce DNS lookups:

DNS lookups take too much time to look up IP address and at that time browser cannot do anything till the lookup process gets complete and it increase response time .So reduce your DNS lookups time to improve page load time


Over To You

So just hope that this article will help you to understand about how you can speed up your website or increase page load time easily.If  i missed any thing then let me inform and share your reviews with me.Thank you and stay update with us

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