How To Make Password Protect Chrome Easily

Privacy is the first priority for online internet users.We use many of application and software for security and privacy for our computer.When we browse and surfing online,we don’t want to expose our surfing and downloading history.But imagine if your friends,and others use your computer and your same browser for surfing they may know what you typed and searched in your browser.Well this is something¬†embarrassing moment if anyone knows what you had searched in your browsers.

password protect chrome

But know you can protect your Google Chrome and your browsing history by simply method.Here i’m gonna show you how password protect chrome Google Chrome by set a password.Here i will show you two method to protect Google Chrome browser by setting password.First method is using Chrome Extension and second is using a trick which showing below¬†

How To Password Protect Chrome ?

You can password protect Chrome browser by simply add a Google Chrome’s extension.This is the simplest method to protect your browser.Lets explain how

1.First install Google Chrome Simple Password Startup Password

2.Now Go To Chrome’s Tool Option On The Top Right Corner

3.And Then Select Extension From Tool Option

4.There You Will See Simple Startup Password Extension

5.Now Go To The Option Under Simple Startup Password

6.Click On Option Link,A New Window Open Asking For Password

7.There You Can Set Your Password And Restart Chrome Browser

Note:- Please save your enter password.Otherwise if if you forgot your password then there is no option to retrieve the password.And you have to re-install your browser again.Anyway happy and safe password protect chrome browsing

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