How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Fast

How to get more traffic to your new blog ? It is the most common and most confusing question that how to get more traffic for new bloggers.Traffic is the necessary part for every bloggers but most necessary for newbies,they always wandering around for searching new tricks and tips to generate traffic for their blog’s or website and seriously its too hard to generate traffic for new blogs.Well there are many ways to get traffic to your blog but after Google Penguin update most of the tricks failed.But yet there are many ways to get traffic to your blog.So here i’m going to show you Top 10 killer ways to get more traffic to your blog

how to get more traffic

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Free

Write Quality Post

Many of new bloggers just write and write and write.I don’t say writing more post is bad but quantity with no quality is bad for SEO.Content is the King of the blog so make sure that what you going to writing must be of high quality content.Don’t ever copy or paste,this is the most common habit for new bloggers.They just copy others post and publish them into their blog’s.But dear you will never get traffic with this type of post and Google will down your site’s reputation and you will get nothing.Copy idea is not bad but copy content is very bad so always write quality post.Also try to write for than 500 words post because it is very good for Seo and search engine crawl that post fast into their search engines.

Do Guest Posting

how to get more traffic ? Then do guest posting.Guest posting is the easiest way to get traffic to your blog.Just find good,high traffic and your niche type blog and first be the reader and read that’s post and be familiar with that’s blog and then write high quality post(again quality matters) for that blog.It is very simple way to get traffic.Many of newbie’s asked me to how to get good traffic and my only answer is Guest Posting.Write a good and well define blog post and in the end give your description and yours site’s link.Its one more good point is that you will get back-link from that’s blog and your popularity will increase which is best for your blog

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is something like guest posting.You have to comment on your niche types blogs and you will get traffic as well as back-links too.It is the most loving way to get traffic and back-link too.As i said before,find good traffic and your blog’s type niche blog and start commenting on that blog,But first read the whole article and then comment here.For getting more traffic “be controversial”how ? Let me tell.Asked difficult question to the admin or make mistakes list on your commenting article and comment with that.Automatically you will become controversial;).This is my method to get traffic and its really works.And also try to comment on comment luv enable sites and add your blog in social bookmarking sites which drive more traffic to your blog

                                      List Of Social Bookmarking Sites

Offer Contest

 If you are new blogger and don’t know how to get more traffic.Than offer a contest in your blog and offering anything which is paid or premium like themes,Plugins,E-book,Software etc.Ask your friends to participate in your blog’s contest and like your blog’s Facebook page,Twitter page,Google Plus,and subscribe your blog also asked to refer their friends to your blog.More refer more will be the chance of winning.This way people like or subscribe your page and also refer their friends to your blog.This long chain will get huge traffic to your blog.But Run contest for limited time and choose a genuine contestant because  many of bloggers choose fake contestant and declare him/her winner.Which is not genuine way to get traffic to your blog 

Be Social !!!

In my traffic source social site are on the second position after Google organic.Yeah social sites are the best way to get more and more traffic.After writing blog post share your post on Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,Digg,Reddit,Digg,Linkedin and other social bookmarking sites.But i mos recommended Stumble upon. and Digg to share your article because these are the do follow bookmarking sites and Google index their page fast.Always use social sites to get traffic to your blog and share your post because there is huge amount of peoples active on social book marking sites.

Work hard and hard is the key of success.Don’t ever give up and blog regularly.Don’t embarssing if you get low traffic becuase this is the first failure for success.That’s all for now.If you think i missed any important step then comment here and we will discuss about that.So these are the 5 killer steps on how to get more traffic to your blog

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