How To-Download Torrent File With IDM Fast

Hi friends,I think most of the net users used torrent once in their life.Torrent is the big server for downloading files like Games,Videos,Movies and other big files.But the torrent speed is depend upon the peers,leeches,speeders and many others.Which cause difficulty while download the file over the internet. Personally whenever i use torrent it gives me just embarrassing or nothing.And all the internet speed suck.Well i have the solution for it.Today i’m going to show you how you can download torrent file with IDM free and in fast way.Lets see how ?

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download torrent file through idm
Download Torrent File With IDM

Advantage Of Download Torrent File With IDM

  1. IDM is the fastest way for downloading file and giving you 5 times more speed than Torrent
  2. IDM doesn’t depend upon leeches,peers etc. and just depend upon your internet connection
  3. Downloading torrent file with IDM is really useful when downloading file with less seeds

 Steps To Download Torrent File With IDM

1.First you have to and make account there

2.After completing sign-up process search the torrent file

3.Search the file which you want to download from torrent

how to download torrent file thorugh idm fast

4.Click on the picture to enlarge it

5.Now click on any torrent and download that torrent in your pc

trick download torrent file thorugh idm fast

6.GO TO your Zbigz account which we already create in first step

7.Click on the login option and login through your created login details

8.Now click on the “upload.torrent file as seen in below image

Tip To Download Torrent File

9.Now after uploading you will see a pop-up window appearing as below

Idm Download Torrent File

10.Choose your Free Or Premium account for further downloading but i recommend Free account

11.Now after uploading your file in Zbigz your will be ready to download by high-speed server

12.But if your file is too big to download then after uploading the file wait for some time

download torrent fast

13.Click on the .Zip icon and again a pop-up window appearing asking you to tell your choice

of downloading file with Free or Premium.Go with Free

Method to download torrent file

That’s all for know.More more tricks stay tuned with Sanumed.

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    Wow! I have been searching a way to download torrents without any client but with my IDM… and at last I got a solution here. Thanks a lot and keep posting 🙂

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