How To Delete Or Remove Gmail Spam Mails Automatically

Spam emails are the most annoying thing in our personal mail box.Spam mails are those which is not requested by recipients and send automatically to all target emails id’s.They are also known as Junk mails.They are nothing more than annoying and disturbing elements in our email box and also very dangerous.It is because many of spam mails contain malicious link or fake emails which cause a huge destruction and harm our computer.So how to deal with spam mails ?

Although Google plays an important role for filtering spam mails but this is not enough to stop getting such spam mails.Even i also face this types of mails in my spam box.There is also method to delete spam mails manually but it is very long time (and boring) process.So how to delete spam mails automatically ? Here is the solution of it,we going to set the process using filtering option so that whenever the spam mails comes in your Gmail account it will delete automatically whenever a spam mail comes in your Gmail account.Here i’m going to show you full tutorial

How To Delete Or Remove Gmail Spam Mails ?

>First login in your Gmail account and then go in “Spam section” under “More” button

how to remove spam mails

>Now in “Spam” folder you will see many spam mails but don’t delete them

>Now click on the “Gear” button place on the upper right side and click setting

auto delete spam mails

>In setting you will find a “filter” tab,click on it and “create new filter

delete spam emails automatically

>A filter box pop up will appear,Now in the “Has the words” section write is:spam and leave all section blankĀ 

how to remove spam mails automatically

>Now Click on the “Create filter with this search” as seen in upper screen shot

delete spam mails

>In next step check “Delete” box and “also apply filter to 2650 matching conversation”

Note:- Please note that here “2650” is my spam emails counts

>Click on the create filter option and all the spam mails will be deleted automatically

That’s it but remember whenever a spam mail will come in your spam box it will delete automatically.Now you are fully secured from all spam and other unwanted danger.If you have any doubts or question comment here .I will reply as soon as possible

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