How to Build Backlinks to Blog’s Fast

Hi friends,Backlinks are like back bone of the website.If content is king the backlinks is queen and its very necessary to have backlinks for increasing traffic on your site.It is must do process for every blogger in order to increase their site’s popularity.If you have premium domain as well as premium theme but not enough backlinks then their is very less chance to get high position on Google.But building backlinks is not easy as you think,It needs hardwork to get backlinks.This article helps you to how to build backlinks fast for your blog

how to build backlink fast for new blog

What is Backlinks ?

Well most of the person know about the backlinks but very few are know fully about backlinks.Backlinks are the most important part of SEO because they like the votes of your blog/website .Backlinks are important because big search engines like Google gives more credit to that blog/website which have more and high quality backlinks.High quality means high pagerank’s backlinks and Google consider those blog/website more relevant than other in search result page and backlinks is also the factor on which Google’s page ranking depends

Best Way To Build Backlinks Fast For Blog

1.Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most powerful weapon in backlinks battlefield.It works like a tonic for getting traffic and building backlinks for your blog.Guest posting is not easy to get backlinks but if you do hard work then you can get a lot of high quality backlinks from high pagerank blogs.What is Guest posting ? Well Guest posting is to write article on high pagerank site’s with your site’s name and description in the end of the post.Find some high pagerank site’s like pagerank 3,4,5 and even more and submit your article there.From where  you can get high traffic as well as high pagerank backlinks from Guest posting,which is totally worthy for you and your blog

2.Leaving Comments On Other Blogs

Leaving commenting on other blog with high pagerank helps you to grow backlinks.It is the most used trick for getting backlinks from other blog.Specially commenting on those blogs which is do follow blog.Do follow blogs helps you to give backlinks as well as traffic to your site free.Its very simple and fast method to get traffic and backlink for your site.For commenting on blog you just need the same niche blog(Google it) and start comment on it.Better if you are commenting on do follow blogs,leave the comment with your name and blog’s url.There are lots of site which are Comluv installed.You can comment on such blogs and get do follow backlinks

3.Join Forums To Submit Blog

Forums are another good way to getting traffic and backlink for your blog.First of all be popular on forums.The forums must be the do follow and put your blog’s link in the signature of the profile on the forums.Every forum allows you to add a links in your signature,Use anchor text in your forum signature and get backlink and traffic too.Basically forums is the platform to answer people’s question and other related queries.You can give answer their and also ask question that’s it.Make people’s friends and ask them to visit your blog,Thus you can make traffic and backlinks through anchor text in your signature profile

4.Link Exchange With Other Blogs

Exchange blog link or url with other high page rank’s blog is the easiest way to get backlink fast and traffic too.For those which didn’t know about link exchange let me tell them that link exchange is the process in which we place others url in our blog and other blog place our url in their blogs.If you exchange link with high pagerank blog then then you will get more of the backlink juice .Exchanging link is very simple method to create traffic and backlinks too.You can manually exchange link by contacting other blog’s admin similar to your blog’s niche and exchange link with them to build backlink fast for your blog

Final Words

Creating backlinks is not easy and need hard work for it but if you have patience then nothing is harder and impossible.The above tricks surely build fast backlinks to your blog but if you do these steps carefully and with concentration.Must mind it that without backlinks your blog is nothing and worthless.But hope that you will get high quality backlinks with these steps


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  • March 2, 2013 at 3:13 am

    A little mistake in strategy of building backlinks may result your blog to disappear from search results. Google has taken this issue very seriously. Many blogs got penalized in earliest update of 2013 from Google. Some of them lost their rankings for some specific parts while some lost ranking for their entire content. One of the big reasons behind this was the unnatural backlink profile.

    • March 2, 2013 at 4:43 am

      Yes its right.Link building should be clear.Thank you for your comment

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