Top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives,For online advertisement Google Adsense is one of the biggest platform for advertisement.But getting Google Adsense is not so easy and very difficult to maintain it.Recently Google shows some mercy for publisher to not ban their account but yet it difficult to earn money from Adsense.This is the reason peoples trying to find Google Adsense Alternatives.There are many Google Adsense Alternatives and AdSense Like Sites.But here i will give you best Best AdSense Alternative.If you have good traffic than you can earn good money from Google adsense alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives

Why To Choose Google Adsense Alternatives ?

Getting Google Adsense is like a dream of every bloggers.Just for that because it helps to support bloggers financially.But If you fail to get approval from Google Adsense than no need to frustrate.Google Adsense Alternatives is solution for it.But before choosing Alternative to Google please keep define what type of niche you have.

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Top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives


BuySellAds is top best Google Adsense Alternatives.After submit your site in BuySellAds it self fetch all of your data and Alexa rank,Page Rank,Inbound links,etc.And gets you approval soon.But you must have good traffic in your site.When your sites gets approval,you can setup your ads area and waiting to bid on your site


Infolinks is one of the best In-line text ads programs in In-line text advertisement.And a better Google Adsense alternatives.Its very easy to setup and if you are having good traffic source than it is the best for your also won’t decrease your website loading speed,you can also set colors of In-line text according your blog’s theme.As it is In-line text,so the visitors won’t distract from advertisements


Chitika is CPC based advertisement.It always place relevant ads content so the chance of clicking on the advertise is more.You can also edit text color,url color.The best thing is the minimum payout is just $10,so you can withdraw your money when it reaches to $10.It also has a great feature that its referral system.You can earn more by referral your friends to Chitika


My favourite Google Adsense Alternative,it allow you to set your minimum payout amount yourself and you can choose or reject any advertise.You also can change style of advertisement according to your blog and also helps you to choose great advertisement relevant to your blog.Which i like most.Adbrite allows you to set Ad space price weekly,monthly basis


Lumi nate is just another kind of program.It pays you for your blog’s images and pictures.Lumi nate is known for making money through image of your blog’s,where it shares revenue with publishers.Luminate pays through Paypal and their minimum payout is $10.Luminate is backed up by Google and you can use it freely without worry for any violation

Over To You

So,There are some  some best way to earn money if your Google Adsense is rejected by Google.You can also earn more by mixing these networks.You can setup Chitika along with Infolinks,Or Adbrite with BuySellAds.Try your self and lets us know if you know about another site Similar to Google AdSense

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