How to use Facebook Memes Chat Codes 2013?

What is Facebook & Memes Chat Codes

Don’t say that you know what Facebook Memes are. This statement of yours is simply not acceptable. Still if you are saying so, then it’s my duty that before proceeding ahead, I should make you aware of Facebook Memes Chat Codes.

To define them in single word, I would say ‘animated’ images. These are graphical images and are used to make the situation more explanatory. They are obtained by using defined code for it. Once you write that particular code, you get Facebook Memes Codes 2013. The shape of Meme does not depend on the code you use for it. In fact, the code you write just work as  command for any specific meme to come up.

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Facebook Memes Chat Codes

You can enhance your FB chatting experience by using this. As said earlier, these are obtained from defined codes. Therefore to use them in your FB chat, you must have knowledge of codes for them. Here is the list of codes for in-trend FB Memes.

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  • [[105387672833401]]                                    Fuck Yeah
  • [[171108522930776]]                                      Troll Face
  • [[227644903931785]]                                    Forever Alone
  • [[168040846586189]]                                   Feel Like A Boss
  • [[164413893600463]]                         Me Gusta
  • [[192644604154319]]                                      Derpina
  • [[145768898802324]]                                    FUUUU
  • [[106043532814443]]                         Y U No
  • [[170815706323196]]                     Cereal Guy
  • [[100002727365206]]                      Challenge Accepted
  • [[189637151067601]]                     LOLOLOL

The list can be expanded more, but I restricted it to the codes for most popular and commonly used FB Chat Memes  nowadays. One point here should be noted that these FB Memes, as the title of the post says, are for FB Chat only. Nothing will happen if you copy and paste any of above code in comments.

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How to use Facebook Memes Chat Codes?

It does not matter for how long you have been on Facebook, you can use these one, even if you are using FB for first time. Well, just copy any of the code given above and paste it in FB chat field. You will see meme in place of your entered code. Try with second meme now and have fun.


So next time, if you want to enhance fun with your friends in FB chat or you want to explain something that can go long in word, simply choose most deserving meme for that situation and enter code of the same. Like a boss!!

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article about using Facebook Memes Chat Codes to amaze your friends and other folks in your account. Please drop comment.

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