How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently?

Though Instagram is providing fast photo sharing with editing function few people want to delete Instagram account permanently. They have their own reason of doing so and if you are reading this post than you may have some other reason of removing  your Instagram profile or account instantly and permanently. Most of the world likes it but still due to some reason such as lack of time, no usage, or any other personal reason people choose to deactivate this Profile.

Delete Your Instagram Account (Step-By-Step Guide)

Summary to Delete Instagram Account!

To delete any account you must have access to your account so for Instagram too and without that no one can help you and even website people can’t help you. They can help you in recovering your Username and Password if you have forgotten and for that you must have information that you had submitted at the time of creating your account.

If you know your username and password then you are not going to face any kind of problem while deleting your Instagram account permanently.  Don’t worry it doesn’t mean to delete all your creativity you have done here. You can have back up of your creativity before erasing your Instagram profile.

But Why You Want to Delete Instagram Account?

Some time people want to delete their account just because they have misunderstanding related to this website. Though they are allowing all users of it to view yours photos, it can’t be the reason to deactivate your profile permanently. They are proving facility of making your account Private so that only users chosen by you can view your photos that you had uploaded earlier or planning to upload in future.

So folks, if your reason is same as given here, then it would be my personal suggestion to you is stay there, its awesome! Just correct the issues or problems your are dealing with. Still you want to go ahead with deleting your Instagram Account then you are free to go ahead.

Delete Instagram Account Permanently (Step-by-Step):

  1. Visit Instagram Site and Login to your Profile ID and if you are already logged than follow next step.
  2. Click on your Profile picture or username.
  3. Choose Edit option from all the options.How-to-delete-Instagram-account-permanently
  4. Select ” I’d like to delete my account”  given at right side toward corner.remove-Instagram-account-easily
  5. Select reason behind deleting Instagram profile permanently from the given optionsDelete Instagram quickly
  6. You have to re-enter your password before removing it completely.erase Instagram profile completely
  7. Click on “Permanently delete my Instagram account“.

Be sure before deleting your Instagram Profile as you are not able to Reactivate it again and your photos too get deleted completely and you are not able to see your page again on Instagram. One thing more that you are not able to get same user name next time when you will Login again to get new existence on this website.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this full guided tutorial and if you faced any problem while going through this guide then please do comment and let us know, I will help you out with that. Till that time, Good Bye! Stay Tuned!

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