Clean Up your Facebook profile Using FaceWash

Some of the visitors are laughing and some are confusing that how is it possible to use FaceWash to clean Facebook profile.Well its not the real FaceWash which cleanse your skin.But it work same like skin FaceWash.This is a Facebook app which  researchers from Kent State University.This will helps you to clean embarrassing stuff on your Facebook profile.

As its name “FaceWash” this app helps to scan users profile or questionable content like photos,videos,liked pages,status etc.And if any content marked as questionable it will alert you.This app is developed to make one’s profile clean and people’s friendly.This app is developed by Daniel Gur,David Steinberg and Camden Fullmer.The developer said that when they realize people might need to clean or cleanse their Facebook profile.

How To Clean Facebook Wall With FaceWash ?

>For clean your Facebook wall just go to

>Allow to your profile page

>Click on  the start icon and app will start scanning

You also can scan custom search to scan particular image,liked page or anything.FaceWash will clearly marked results with their link.So you can remove them easily

This apps helps to remove un-wanted or dirty content from your profile.Which is the most necessary need in this time.This app is currently available in Beta mode and will be available in full version soon

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