Android Apps 2012-Top 10 Must Popular Apps

Hi friends,Today we going to discuss about Top 10 android apps 2012 has been a good year for Android and as we also called it is year of revolution for Android phones.Many of Good Android Apps comes and gone.But few are still set in the mind of the Android users.Some of the free and paid apps success to make impact in Android market.I make a list of Top 10 cool android apps 2012 which in my opinion are the top apps of the Android Market.Lets find out which are the top android apps 2012.

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android apps 2012

Top 10 Android Apps 2012

1.Wave Control

Wave Control is the Best Free Apps  in Android market and in the list of android apps 2012.It offer user touch less control over your Android player.But it doesn’t support to answer or make the call without touching the key-pad.But just think you can play music,turn volume up and down,and skip the song without touching it.Wave Control requires 2.2Android system or more which shouldn’t be a much problem.Wave Control can be download from Google Play and comes with two verisons.1st is free(with ads) and 2nd is pro($0.99 without ads)

2.Tablet Sms

Tablet Sms is on no.2 spot in the race of android apps 2012.Tablet Sms let you support of your incoming messages.You also can create sms and send through Tablet Sms.If you logging in the couch with Nexus 7,then you no need to have phone with you for messaging.Tablet Sms send or receive messages from your Tablet.The great thing is that it provides free in Google Android Market.Tablet sms free download

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Snapseed gives long time hit on desktop and IOS.And finally comes in Android version.Snapseed is a photo-editing app.It comes with the impressive tools which is capable of doing from filtering to adjusting the balance of the picture.But keep this in mind that Snapseed is just for professionally user which looking to increase their skill and work.It works like charm and turn boring looking pictures into creative picture.Currently Snapseed is not available free in Android Market.Download Snapseed here

4.Google Chrome

Google Chrome Android is edition of Google Chrome and released in Feb.7 2012.This is Google’s and world’s best browser app name “Google Chrome”.Google recently release Google Chrome Beta version for desktop version.Its simple and better looking app with great browsing speed.Google Chrome put back all the browsers in the race of best Android browser this year.The reason behind is simplicity and great browsing experience.It comes with many feature which fall users to love with it like remote re-dubbing,page pre-rendring etc.Google Chrome is available free in Android Market

5.Online Desktop

OnLive gives you Android Tablet and touch friendly cloud version of Microsoft.You just have to need the internet connection and here yo go.It has also other features like Adobe reader to read .pdf files easily and also including Microsoft office.These all features is present in free version of Online Desktop.In premium version user can also use Internet Explorer.It is the best app for Microsoft user.Download Online Desktop free

6.Angry Bird Space/Star Wars

Angry words is one the top most Android games in 2012.It is launched by Ravio.The two games Angry Bird Space and Angry Bird Star Wars are  the two Android games which quake the Android games world.Ravio  is in the partnership with Lucasfilm.Angry Bird is fun game app for Android and millions of people play this game.First Angry Bird was released for Apple and iOS but now it available on all platform.It has many levels which makes tough step by step.Angry Bird is available free in Android Market.Angry Bird Star Wars AND Angry Bird Space

7.Temple Run

Temple run is also the most played game in 2012.This game is endless action video game and developed by Raleigh.The story about a explorer which trying to steal a idol from the temple and being chased by the “demonic monkeys” .Currently the game is available on iOS and Android system.Temple run is is the package of full entertainment.I self play this game in my free time.It also available free in Android Market.Download Temple Run free

8.Angry Gran Run – Running G

Angry Gran Run is very funny and entertaining app.In this game angry Granny run like wild in the street in order to escape her from Angry Asylum.This game is developed by Ace Viral group.It is the cool game app i ever seen.Make Granny Jump in the air and some flying kick in the air to beat the street punks and escape from their.Download Angry Gran Run Free from Android Market.Download Angry Gran Run

9.Agent Dash

Agent Dash is one of my most loving games in the list of android apps 2012.Agent dash is action based game with full of entertainment,In this game you play like a Agent and you can also use many gadgets like parachutes.jet pack etc.You can also play this game with your friends on Facebook too and compete with them.This game is available free in Android Market.Download Agent Dash and play it

10.Running Freed

Last android apps 2012 but not the least is Running Freed.Running Freed is developed by Dedalord.This games challenges you to test your skills.It offers you different obstacles to reach the end of survive.Its blodd splatting game and i not recommend this game for children with less age.By the way its available free on Android Market.Download Running Feed

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Over To You

These are the top 10 best android apps 2012.What you think about these apps.If i missed up any important Android apps 2012 then comment here.That’s all for now for more related article with Android apps stay tune with Sanumed


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