Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable Trial Free Download

(Review) Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is like a magic wind for those who really like to play with colors and different brushes. Today, I am going to post on Free Downloading Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable Trial Version. You can download it from the link given at the end of the article.

Photoshop has been in the list of most popular utility software for windows users since many years and it will be in future as well. The CS5 is the previous to current version and it is the fastest one.

It has lots of designing and photo editing tools which an artist needs at time of editing the pictures.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable Free Download
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable

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It was launched in April 12, 2012 and since then it is at the top in photo editing software list. New three dimensional brushes were introduced with this.

Free Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable Trial Version

If you are in hurry of downloading Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable Trial then I have given out Direct Download Links (Latest 2013) which will help you to get it directly into the Computer. Here it is :

If you are new and want to know more about its features and functions then you can read the below post about its features if you directly want to use it then no issues, just Free Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable Trial from the above given direct links and you are done. adobe-photoshop-portable-free-download

Features of Photoshop CS5 :

Adobe developers added many new features to the CS5 and the old features were also improved on the account of performance. Features of the Photoshop CS5 are,

Better selection edge – the newer version allows users to select the objects in the image with better selection edge feature. This feature helps in selecting edges of any object very accurately.

Enhanced HDR – in the newer version users are allowed to combine multiple photos and create a HDR (high dynamic range) picture. This feature was also there in the previous version but in this one users are provided with lots of controls so that they can create the HDR in their own way.

Content Aware fill – this tool allows users to remove any object from the image and the remaining area will b automatically filled up with appropriate content.

Enhanced Lens correction – this tool has some updates. It was also there in the earlier versions but developers improved the feature further.

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Other features are which you might like to know before downloading Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable,

  • Improved User interface
  • Support for 64 bit architecture
  • Adobe CS review module
  • Improved printing features and tools
  • Improved Lightroom cooperation
  • Enhanced Black and White conversion
  • Horizontal adjustment tool
  • Puppet warp
  • More support for Mac systems
  • New Mixer brush

There are lots of features that are beyond the scope of this article and these features assure that there will be no replacement for this photo editing.

Why to Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable Version?

Now that was all about to Download  Adobe Photoshop Portable but now let’s look at the portable one. photoshop-screenshot The version is called Portable because you can carry this software with yourself in any data storage device. It is not necessary to install it on system first to use it. You just need to download Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable 2013 and then you can run it, so it’s like plug and use.

You can carry the software with yourself in your pen-drive to your school, café or college. Just plug in your pen-drive to any system and start using it without installing.

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Adobe developers had done great work with this portable version as it runs smoothly on P4 systems as well. So you don’t need to have a high end system all the time to use.

It is offering a free trial for the Portable version of the software and so you can easily and free download Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable Trial and let us know if you have any problem while using it via comments and we will help you out.

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